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Global Marine & Automotive

Consultants & Surveyors

Over 10 Million vehicle inspection per year in 38 countries

Finished Vehicle &

Ro-Ro Unit Inspections

We inspect over 10 million vehicles and Ro-Ro units per year worldwide at the manufacturing plants, ports, rail heads, distribution compounds and the final dealerships in accordance with our customers’ requirements and the applicable manufacturing standards, codification and  reporting systems.

Our highly-skilled supervisors attend on-board vessels during operations as well as during rail wagon and truck loading/discharge operations with a pro-active approach aimed at continuous improvement to minimize transport damages and optimize the overall quality of transport. Our cargo superintendents with vast hands-on Ro-Ro experience act as a "supervisor" in between shipping line, their local agent, port authority.

Supervision & Cargo Superintendency

Quality Audits &

Training Courses

Our auditors perform a variety of specialized quality audits, such as new product launches, factory production quality, traffic analysis (load and discharge port comparison), inventory quality inspections, terminal hand-over inspections, compound safety and quality, implementation of manufacturers hand-over procedures as well as provide advanced training courses on inspection standards and survey procedures.

On the basis of results obtained from the inspections, supervisions and quality audits, our specialized consultants actively collaborate with the logistics providers / car carriers in order to improve the overall quality of transport as well as with the manufacturers in order to improve the quality of the finished vehicle product.

Automotive Risk Management

Claims Management

Our professional team of claims adjusters process a vast number of claims, both as back-office and front-office, with a full range of services, such as liability control, repair costs analysis, settlement negotiation with customers, detailed statistical analysis and claims consulting.



carpodx uses a dedicated application built in CAR Consulting Group's global survey system, carlogics.

carlogics is a set of online applications that manages various types of surveys and audits, and interconnects them all with a custom built claims management system.

The carpodX application integrates a user-friendly drill down photo system combined with top-notch photo-enhancement features, that allows selection and detection of the tiniest details.

  • Data

    carpodX takes a multitude of pictures for each scanned vehicle but allows you to keep only what needs to be kept for claims management.

    Specialized algorithms are in place to optimize data volume and to allow the best navigation experience.

    Photos are transferred to S3 compatible cloud storage.