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The Future of Vehicle Handover Inspection

for Automotive Quality and Logistics, from Manufacturing Plant to Dealership

full body scan within
per vehicle
up to
Full HD
high definition
per scan
clearly visible
scans capture
of vehicle

carpodX is a mobile tunnel

capturing ultra HD images

of the complete vehicle's

condition within 3 seconds

damage capture and

damage recognition with

Deep Learning AI

integrated technology


State of the Art Technology

carpodXTM uses the latest developments in vision and data analysis. It is modular, evolutive, mobile, and made to last ! 


carpodXTM exists in various formats for different operating scenarios, from outside environment to inside manufacturing plants


In-house IT developments allow integration of today's ever evolutive fast-paced technology and productivity.


Fully mobile unit that can be easily positioned wherever operations demand it within minutes (Plug & Play).

Made to last

carpodXTM is built in a container frame, made of hard steel, robust and developed for outside environment.


Designed for Finished Vehicle Logistics (FVL)

carpodXTM was built on 15 years experience in FVL and vehicle inspection. Key features are based on what it means to operate in an outside environment, bearing in mind the productivity and the nature of exceptions (to 1mm) claimed in FVL industry.

It is the turnkey solution for detection and attribution of liabilities.


Adapt to Operational Conditions

carpodXTM full tunnel shape is built inside a 20 or 12 ft container, allowing swift positioning where operations demand it. The unit can easily be moved by forklift or reachstacker.

Dedicated IT Developments

Data Optimization

carpodX creates up to 4000 HD photos per vehicle

Optimized algorithms maintain a compressed data-flow and allow smooth user navigation experience